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Reports you can rely on to make sound investment decisions

Do you want to buy a house in Auckland, NZ? Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your life. So, you must take time to get the best pre-purchase inspection and a good advice on your investment. You need to buy a house that is in sound condition and low risk. This calls for you to obtain quality pre-purchase inspections to ensure that the house you are about to spend your money is in good shape and does not need expensive repairs. At Castlebridge Surveys, we can help you do a comprehensive inspection and provide a highly quality, reliable reports that shows the actual condition of the house. With our vast experience in the building inspection business, you can rely on us to carry out high-quality inspections that allows you to make a well-informed buying decision. 

Get A Thorough Pre Purchase Inspection Report

Saving you the worry

At Castlebridge Surveys, we offer inspection reports within 24hrs of the inspection. Our inspectors are always available to discuss any concerns you may have about the property. We can also organise for site consultations. Our Pre Purchase Inspections report are unbiased, thorough and easy to follow. We are an ethical company with a good reputation not only in Auckland but throughout New Zealand. Our company saves you the worries of buying a house you are not sure if it is in the right condition.

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Certified and accredited

All our pre-purchase building inspectors are registered and accredited by the relevant professional Institutions. At Castlebridge Surveys, we only work with professionals with highly specialised skills and accreditation achieved through a rigorous training process. Our company and all the inspectors have a full liability and professional indemnity insurance cover.

We can help our clients save thousands in repair costs

Pre-purchase Inspections and Reports

(also called Builder’s Reports)

Leaking Home Assessments and Weather-tightness Reports

(including diagnosis, remediation and construction disputes)

Moisture Testing and Cladding Assessment Reports

Building Inspection and Condition Reports

Building Surveying consultancy contract work

Comprehensive Building Inspection Reports

Receive a clearly understandable report of your property

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Site inspection

By organising a time to inspect the premises we ensure we don’t overcharge and that the job is done efficiently without having to come back twice.

Receive Comprehensive Building Report

You’ll receive your detailed report via email and if you have any questions we’re only a phone-call away. Happy to walk through the report with you!

Don’t miss the details that will cost you.

Speak with us and we’ll give you peace of mind that you’ve had a thorough building inspection and all the important details are covered.