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Prevent moisture damage

Castlebridge Surveys is fully dedicated and committed to offering sustainable, affordable and practical moisture testing solutions to building owners in Auckland, NZ. Our rich technical expertise, industry knowledge and vast experience make us provide unmatched moisture testing services in the area. Whether you are a homeowner, commercial client or any other property owner, we ensure you get the best moisture testing solutions that offer 100 percent satisfaction. All our testing work is backed by many years of experience, meaning that regardless of the complexity involved, we can help you out. We aim to ensure you are safe from any form of moisture damage that may occur in your property.

Latest In Moisture Testing Technology

Around the clock availability

Our team is usually available on a 24/7 basis. So you can rely on us to respond to any water damage in your property. Our professionals know how to do the testing and ensure that no water damage occurs in your property. We offer fast services because we understand that water damage can cause detrimental and costly effects. At Castlebridge Surveys, we also offer advice to property owners regarding how to check for signs of moisture damage in your property. Besides, we also offer advice on how property owners can prevent water damage.

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Thorough reporting on every detail

At Castlebridge Surveys, we give our customers a guarantee of satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that we provide moisture testing services that make all our clients happy and keep on coming back for more services. To ensure high-quality work, we apply the latest moisture testing techniques in the industry. Through our innovative moisture testing techniques, we enjoy high referral rates and repeat clients. Besides, we also use state of the art tools to ensure we do thorough work and results. With us, you do not worry about payment. We charge the most competitive price in the market that suits your budget.

We can help our clients save thousands in repair costs

Pre-purchase Inspections and Reports

(also called Builder’s Reports)

Leaking Home Assessments and Weather-tightness Reports

(including diagnosis, remediation and construction disputes)

Moisture Testing and Cladding Assessment Reports

Building Inspection and Condition Reports

Building Surveying consultancy contract work

Comprehensive Building Inspection Reports

Receive a clearly understandable report of your property

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Site inspection

By organising a time to inspect the premises we ensure we don’t overcharge and that the job is done efficiently without having to come back twice.

Receive Comprehensive Building Report

You’ll receive your detailed report via email and if you have any questions we’re only a phone-call away. Happy to walk through the report with you!

Don’t miss the details that will cost you.

Speak with us and we’ll give you peace of mind that you’ve had a thorough building inspection and all the important details are covered.