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Have you completed constructing your house in Auckland, NZ? This is a great step towards owning your house, which is a great achievement in life. However, before you can decide to enter into the new house, it is vital to have a thorough inspection done to ensure that the new property is up to the standard. Even if you are buying or selling a new construction, you should hire an inspection company to have it checked out. At Castlebridge Surveys, we can help you check the new building to ensure that it does not have any defects such as foundation cracks, poor framing, improper grading, drainage issues and any other form of structural damage.

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Comprehensive Reporting

At Castlebridge Surveys, we offer a comprehensive report that shows the actual condition of the new building. Our new construction inspections reports are easy for you to understand. The reports are created by highly experienced and knowledgeable inspectors who are highly trained according to the laid down New Zealand Inspection Standards. Most of our inspections and reports are prepared within 48 hours. You can rely on us to help in doing a wide range of new construction inspections that suit your specific needs. Regardless of the way you want your inspection to be conducted, you can fully rely on us to complete the job satisfactorily to a high standard.

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Prompt turn-around

We are a highly reputable and professional Building Inspections company in Auckland, NZ. Our inspectors are committed and dedicated to making your entire inspection project experience professional and reliable. In case you need the report urgently, we can complete the job and prepare the report within 48 hours. Our rates are the most competitive in Auckland, so you can trust us with your budget since we can customise our new construction inspections to suit your budget.

We can help our clients save thousands in repair costs

Pre-purchase Inspections and Reports

(also called Builder’s Reports)

Leaking Home Assessments and Weather-tightness Reports

(including diagnosis, remediation and construction disputes)

Moisture Testing and Cladding Assessment Reports

Building Inspection and Condition Reports

Building Surveying consultancy contract work

Comprehensive Building Inspection Reports

Receive a clearly understandable report of your property

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Site inspection

By organising a time to inspect the premises we ensure we don’t overcharge and that the job is done efficiently without having to come back twice.

Receive Comprehensive Building Report

You’ll receive your detailed report via email and if you have any questions we’re only a phone-call away. Happy to walk through the report with you!

Don’t miss the details that will cost you.

Speak with us and we’ll give you peace of mind that you’ve had a thorough building inspection and all the important details are covered.